40 for 40

#40for40: Children’s Business Fair
August 23, 2019

On June 1st, we had the pleasure of hosting our first Acton Children’s Business Fair in downtown Durham. Sixty-five young entrepreneurs, ages 6-14, sold their products and services at a one-day marketplace outside of our headquarters in Durham’s Innovation District. Slime, jewelry, cedar coasters, artisanal chocolates and lemonade, podcast advertising, and magnetic chore charts were just a few of the creative businesses on display for over 200 guest shoppers. In the weeks leading up to the business, these young bosses created business plans, made decisions about pricing and inventory, and developed their products. Four local business owners served as judges, providing participants with feedback about their booths, pitches, and products.

Our morning with these “kidpreneurs” was inspiring, to say the least. Jackson, age 8, reported that the following Monday he and his dad went to the bank to open his own bank account. Charlotte, age 9, said, “I can’t believe I sold all of my coasters! Next year I’ll make more.”

We loved hosting the fair and look forward to this being a lasting partnership to come from our #40for40 campaign!