40 for 40

#40for40: Julia Glover
March 29, 2019

Julia Glover, our Direct of Operations, recently committed a personal act of kindness we’d like to celebrate! As part of our #40for40 celebration to complete 40 acts of kindness in honor of 40 years in business, we’ve asked all of our employees to complete a personal act of kindness throughout the year. It feels good to do good, and we love being able to make a difference in our community in both big and small ways.

Julia commented  “I delivered dinner to my bible study group leader and her family recently after she broke her hip. Dropping dinner off gave me the opportunity for a short visit that we wouldn’t have had otherwise. They received a home cooked meal, and I got the satisfaction of doing something for her and her family in return for all she does for our study group. It felt good to be on the giving side of the equation when I’m so often on the receiving side with her, and to be able to help in a tangible way where it was really needed!”