40 for 40

#40for40: Lunch with Raleigh Durham Airport’s TSA Workers
March 14, 2019

As a local travel company we had many concerns about the government shutdown earlier this year and how it would affect not only our clients, but the folks who work so hard to ensure our local airport is safe and secure and travelers can get to their destinations efficiently and on time. After seeing several posts online about companies and organizations helping their local TSA workers, we decided to jump in here in Raleigh. We rallied as a team to take lunch and enjoy an hour with our local government workers. We had such a wonderful time meeting the men and women who keep our airport safe, and we thank them for the opportunity to learn more about their positions and their dedication to keeping each and every one of us happy and well as we journey from our community to others far away. Next time you’re at RDU be sure to say hello and say thank you for all their hard work!