40 for 40

#40for40: Sponsoring School Children with Amina’s Gift
May 31, 2019

One of our most senior travel advisors in our leisure office, Karen Garr, spends a lot of her days researching for and planning trips to Africa. She’s visited, taken a safari, and sends her clients there as often as she can with two of her favorite tour companies, Micato Safaris and African Travel! She’s become our resident destination specialist in all things Africa, and as such, wanted to lead an act of kindness that gave back to the continent she holds dear. Karen Garr and Maupin Travel have teamed up with Amina’s Gift, a non-profit organization focused in Africa, to sponsor two young children for their school year.

“Amina’s Gift,  founded by Terrence Brayboy,  provides direct funding for African children who need basic daily living necessities like food, clothes and shoes. We also pay for school fees and transportation to local clinics to receive government provided health care and medications.

We support ourselves  by purchasing crafts by local artists and then reselling them. This provides employment for the local artists, who in return are able to support their families. The profits are used to support and encourage a good education for all the children in the community.

In addition of the sale of the crafts made by local artisans, Amina’s Gift will accept cash donations and material donations such as clothing, shoes and books to support the children.”

Amina’s Story

Terrence Brayboy explains the origins of the organization on their website, “Amina was a girl I met in a Zimbabwean village. She was 17 and had been sick for many years; it cost her great effort even to walk. She was unable to stand in line to receive any of the things that we brought, so we approached her and placed a used pair of shoes in her fragile arms. It wasn’t the shoes, but the grace with which she received them that was the true gift. Sometimes a moment like this can illuminate a life. I will never forget her gratitude and dignity.

To honor Amina, we have started a nonprofit organization called “Amina’s Gift” to support children in Africa. We raise money to support these children by selling local art and crafts. Your purchase allows us to buy shoes, clothes, food, and pay for school fees.”

St. Augustine is quoted as saying “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Karen has this embroidered on a pillow at her desk, and it is a belief we all hold true at Maupin Travel. A crucial part of reading that novel and seeing the world is finding ways to give back to the destinations that have given us so much. This year Maupin Travel will sponsor two school-aged children, both from families of seven! We are honored by the opportunity to help.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please visit Amina’s Gift.