Packing Tips

Packing List: Costa Rica
March 29, 2019

Costa Rica is a beautiful, vibrant country that has recently gained some serious traction in the tourist world. Costa Rica extends majestically from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, and its distance is barely 200 miles. Don’t let the country’s small size dissuade you; there’s a lot packed into those 200 miles! Whether you’re […]

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Packing List: Alaskan Cruise
January 31, 2019

You’ve booked your Alaskan cruise, you’re ready to see the calving glaciers, and now you have┬áno earthly clue what to pack. The number one thing to keep in mind with a cruise-or any kind of trip- to Alaska is layers. The Alaskan cruise season runs from May to September, with sometimes drastic variations in temperature […]

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