Client Testimonials

Conversations with a Client: Logan Pollak
August 31, 2021

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Hi! My name is Logan Pollak, and I live on the east coast with my husband, Pete, and our five children. We use Maupin Travel several times a year to plan vacations like our family ski trips out west, and special getaways together. Pete and I have converted to working with a travel advisor anytime we travel.  I really enjoy being able to focus on getting our children packed and ready to go instead of organizing the specifics of the trip — details a travel advisor is able to handle much more efficiently than I am anyway.

Do you start off with a specific plan for your trips, or wide open for ideas?

On occasion, we have come into trips knowing where we wanted to stay, and Karen was able to book that directly for us, often securing some upgrades as well. That said, some of our most memorable trips have been to cities or hotels that she has recommended.  I’ve been continually impressed with how well she’s been able to read the style and the vibe of the type of trip we’re looking for, and really knock it out of the park with her recommendations.

What does the planning process look like?

Initially I call Karen and we have a quick chat to discuss our dates of travel and the type of trip we’d like to put together. Karen asks a few questions, does her research, and gets back to me with flight schedules and hotel suggestions. We take it from there over email.

What was your biggest hesitation about using an agency prior to working with Maupin Travel?

I used to think a travel advisor wasn’t doing anything that I couldn’t do myself. However, I’ve really come to appreciate how much time and money Karen has saved us by suggesting the right cities to fly between, and the most cost-effective travel schedules. That way, when my husband and I are able to sneak away from our busy lives, we’re not spending a precious day in Europe wasted on unnecessary trains or hanging around an airport. I know loving we are getting the most out of our time together!

Another hesitation I had was wondering if someone I’d never met could really pinpoint the type of vacation we were looking to plan.  I’m quite particular, and we don’t get to travel that often, so there’s a lot of pressure for the trip to be as perfect as possible.  Nevertheless, we’ve worked with Karen consistently, and every single time that she has made a suggestion, she’s hit it out of the park.  It really just goes to show that she’s in the business and she’s been doing this for a long time.

How do the fees work?

The fees for our trips have ranged from $50 – $300, but they have paled in comparison to the perks that we’ve received along the way, whether it’s a room upgrade, complimentary breakfasts, or the picnic boat ride on Lake Como.

 What else should fellow travelers know about working with a travel advisor?

The travel advisors at Maupin Travel truly care about their clients and develop individual personal relationships. Just this morning, I received an email from Karen letting me know that enrollment for next season’s ski school had just opened up where we are going next Spring.  I really appreciated it, because our trip is over six months away -and it was my responsibility–but Karen remembered that I’d forgotten to sign up in the past. It was equally thoughtful, and so helpful!

Another bonus of working with a travel advisor is having travel support while we are on vacation. We were once snowed in in Aspen, and instead of spending hours on hold with the airline like everybody else, we were able to enjoy the unexpected morning in the city while our advisor sorted out the new schedule. That was fantastic.

The Travel Advisors at Maupin Travel work as your advocate, are a huge resource of knowledge, and are passionate about planning customized travel to fit the needs of our clients.  Drop us a line to get started dreaming about your next vacation!