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Customized Corporate Travel Programs

We've worked with numerous universities, corporations, non-profits and trade associations to design and optimize travel programs that are tailored to achieving their goals and impacting the bottom line.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can my company and my travelers continue to earn points with airlines?

Absolutely. For business travel, your individuals and your organization should earn frequent flyer points, so that you both realize award benefits and savings.

How do we book with you?

It is up to you. You can book over the phone, over email or on our online booking tool. You can interact with us 24/7.

What do I do if I’m traveling and there is natural disaster or act of terrorism?

Risk management is a prime reason to work with Maupin Travel. We will contact you, your employer or your family as soon as we are aware of an incident and will inform all parties involved of next steps to get you home safely.

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Can you integrate with our expense management tool?

It depends on the expense platform, but in nearly all cases, YES. We work with a wide range of expense management tools and are closely involved in integrating your travel spend with your expense platform, making your travel expense filing as painless and automated as possible.

Can you really save my company money?

Absolutely. Our strong vendor relationships provide us with negotiating power and access to discounts and waivers and favors that a typical company does not have.

We also have negotiated rates with hotel and car rental partners around the world.

Often, our customers experience significant savings by simply enabling us to oversee and enforce their travel policy.

What types of corporate, university and non-profit customers do you partner with?

Customers utilize our team of agents and our customizable online booking tool for 24/7 coverage. Many have specific reporting needs and expense and CRM platforms to which our tools integrate.