Ocean and River Cruises

Cruises are one of the great ways to experience and explore a few destinations at once. Forget about packing and unpacking; enjoy shore and onboard activities during the day and your comfortable stateroom at night. We partner with an array of cruise lines in order to help you find the one that will exceed your expectations, whether you’re looking for an exclusive VIP experience or a fun family getaway.

Ocean or River?

One of the first questions we receive is whether to take an ocean or river cruise. The answer depends on the experience you seek. Ocean cruises offer far more destinations and span wider geographies. The ships are larger with more onboard options and entertainment.

River cruises offer some of the same perks as the ocean liners, with excursions and onboard meals, but in a more intimate setting, with smaller ships and fewer passengers. You will get to see cities that aren’t accessible by ocean, with a focus on a specific country or a region.

Our cruise experts have deep experience with both ocean and river cruises, and we are happy to help guide you on which approach will suit your next vacation. Contact us today to discuss cruise ideas or start your search with our online cruise finder.

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