Meet our Advisors

Meet Our Advisors: Christine Damschroder
June 7, 2019

We have a brand new team member at Maupin Travel! Christine Damschroder comes to us from Michigan, where she started her career in groups and events. Christine has joined the Maupin team to spearhead OUR groups and events department, and we are so thrilled to have her. “I just came on as the events manager. We are building the events department to provide cohesive meeting and event services from the planning stages to execution and after, and I’m hoping we will continue to grow the department and expand the event services we’re able to offer,” Christine remarked when asked about her new position with the company.

Christine has traveled extensively and has been in the travel industry for two years; first as a group agent, then as a leisure advisor, before transferring to Maupin in North Carolina from her home state of Michigan. One of Christine’s favorite and funniest personal travel stories involves a lot of a water, a lot of mud, and a lot of laughter. “My best friend and I were visiting Mont St. Michel in France and she wanted to touch the water. It was low tide at the time, so we were walking on fairly solid sand and clay… for a little while. The closer we got to the water, the softer the clay got. I stopped when we started sinking but my best friend kept going and wound up getting stuck! I had to go save her, which was no easy task. Two pairs of shoes ruined, and she never even made it to the water!”

Christine’s Top 3 Travel Tips

  1. Roll your clothes when packing- you fit more and they get less wrinkly.
  2. Download helpful apps before traveling- I use Google Translate and download the language of the country I’ll be in, and Citymapper for large cities to help with public transportation.
  3. Respect the local culture and environment- you are a visitor in their home

If you’re interested in planning group travel or an event, please email Christine at