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Meet Our Travel Advisors: Lisa Shupp
November 20, 2018

Lisa Shupp has been a travel advisor with Maupin Travel for fifteen years this January! Lisa’s dedication to Maupin Travel began at the start of her career; when she was in travel school at Lucas Travel School in Cary, they spoke highly of Tony Maupin and she knew then his agency was where she wanted to call home. Lisa has traveled extensively, from the Bahamas to the Czech Republic with both land tours and cruises.  Lisa specializes in Disney Vacations, European travel, LGBTQ travel,  cruises, and is a destination specialist for Las Vegas and the Caribbean. Of all the places she’s been, her personal favorite is Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic, and if you ever get a chance to stop by our office be sure to ask her about the friendly ghost she picked up on her last trip!

Lisa is an absolute light in the office and makes everyone laugh with her funny stories and travel mishaps. “One of the first airline tickets I issued was for a woman who called in and asked to arrange travel to Fresno, California. Well, the airport code, which is what agents use for pretty much all of our planning, is FAT for Fresno. This poor woman emailed me after her trip to tell me that she would never travel again and that the airline she was flying on was so mean to her and she was absolutely mortified by the whole ordeal.  She asked me, completely seriously, if I knew that they’d put FAT on her luggage! It never occurred to her that FAT was an airport code just like RDU is, so she waited for everyone to pick up her luggage before she would retrieve hers with the FAT tag. She never noticed everyone had FAT on their luggage, and I felt absolutely horrible about the whole thing. Now we can all laugh about it, but maybe Fresno should change their airport code.”


Lisa’s Top Three Tips for Traveling

Plan ahead. If you give yourself enough time to think things through you’ll wind up with the best options for your entire trip. Don’t ever rush a trip unless you have to.

You get what you pay for. The best deal is not always what it seems on the surface.

Overbid yourself. Go for the nicer suite, the longer massage, the private beach. Travel is meant to be a break from our daily lives, so save up, take your time, and pamper yourself when you reach your destination.


You can reach Lisa at her desk at 919-832-5550 x1401 or by emailing her at