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Meet Our Travel Advisors: Marilyn Mondoux
January 3, 2019

Marilyn Mondoux is one of Maupin Travel’s most senior reps and has been with the company for twenty years. Marilyn transferred to Maupin as part of a company merger, and absolutely loves working for Maupin. She believes in making travel accessible for everyone and excels in making her client’s trips as enjoyable and luxurious as the ones she plans for herself and her family. Marilyn has traveled all over the world, from France to Italy to Cuba, but her favorite continent to explore is Africa.  Given her rich and varied experience in the industry, Marilyn has found herself an expert in several locations and specialties, including Europe, exotic travel, Africa, the Caribbean and Mexico, South America, and small cruise ships.

One of Marilyn’s funniest travel mishaps involved a hotel bath tub, bubble bath, and what she calls her “Lucy Story”. You know the warnings to not put bubble bath in tubs that have jets? Marilyn thought she’d take matters into her own hands on one vacation and decided to try exactly that to see what would happen. She ended up overflowing the bath all over the bathroom floor, and she’s more careful now to take heed of warning signs!

Marilyn Mondoux can be reached via email at or via phone at 919-832-5550.


Marilyn’s Top 3 Travel Tips

Go with an open mind.

Always be a good representative of your home country while visiting new places.

Don’t sweat the small stuff – plan B offers great opportunities, too.