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Sporting 101 | COVID Edition
April 12, 2021

Sporting 101 | COVID Edition:

It’s May 7th, 1989 the Chicago Bulls are down one point from Cleveland with three seconds left on the clock to win the game. Brad Sellers from Chicago has the inbound pass to Michael Jordan; the shot clock is ticking, 2 seconds left, Michael Jordan shoots: scoring at the buzzer beater to win the game and the crowd goes silent…

It is crazy to fathom that we would be in a world 31 years later from that iconic moment in sporting history, to a world where sports (and life as we knew it) came to a screeching halt. So many questions lingered as to when athletes would play again. What does this mean for fans? Will we ever get back to the sports that we love?

Most major sporting events have started to return to the big screens, with the exception of their fan base. The current CDC rules and regulations, have limited fans from quite a few sports, and have made it easier just to stay home and watch. Can sporting events give that same feeling without fans in attendance? It is certainly questionable, but Team executives took matters into their own hands and allowed die-hard fans to purchase cardboard cutouts of themselves to fill those vacant seats as an alternative.

These cardboard cutouts are not cheap. If you are looking to have one at the Los Angeles Dodgers stadium, the cheapest cutout is $149 and is the same price if you want a cut out of your dog, cat or yourself. The Dodgers are even charging $229 for home run seats, field seats and the dugout section. These wacky fake fans, although pricey, have provided a source of comedy relief to viewers and the players.

What Sporting Events Can I Attend Today?

With the rollout of vaccines and the warmer weather, some restrictions are starting to be lifted and folks are eager to get back out into the world. Do you or a loved one have a once in a lifetime sporting event on your bucket list?  We work a fantastic company called RoadTrips, who provide completely customized sports travel packages to the world’s most sought-after sporting events such as:

  • The Super Bowl
  • The Masters Tournament
  • The Kentucky Derby
  • Wimbledon
  • The Olympics

These exclusive events have limited space, so planning early is essentialContact us today to start planning your sports travel experience of a lifetime!

Spectators should keep in mind local restrictions and travel guidelines when selecting event locations.

Below are a few helpful tips to know before you go

  • Check the team and arena’s capacity limit: Many stadiums are allowed to have a certain number of attendees based on the size of their arena. Under North Carolina’s executive orders, many stadiums have a limited capacity. The latest NC guidance allows indoor sports arenas with seating of more than 5,000 to have attendance at 15% while outdoor venues will be allowed to have 30% capacity. With Spring/Summer upon us, it’s a great time to check out the Durham Bulls Baseball team, their venue allows 3,000 in attendance at a safe outdoor distance.
  • Where do I find tickets to games?: Season ticket holders are not guaranteed seats or tickets as the restrictions lift and major ticket hub websites may not be offering tickets at all. Many Collegiate sporting events are only offering seats to parents, frontline workers and/or a lottery system for students to enter if they wish to attend. Fans can expect to see bundling options vs single game tickets and may have to go about buying tickets for games in a different way than before.
  • Practice the 3 W’s will remain in place: if you’re attending a sporting event you will likely see signs cautioning those to wait 6ft apart,  wear masks, and to wash your hands.  Masks must be worn at all times when attending the games unless actively eating or drinking. Fans may also notice a change in seating, to eliminate overcrowding and keeping patrons distanced from one another. Venues will also have more hand washing/sanitizing stations than previously and all venue staff will have to follow CDC guidelines.

Sporting venues and the atmosphere has certainly changed, but we have come a long way since March 2020. We hope that in the coming months we will all be able to experience the excitement of travel and a once in a life time sporting event. After all, the fans are a huge part of a team’s success. Until then, we continue to cheer on our favorite teams and players from a safe distance!