Karen Garr
June 8, 2020

  • Favorite place to travel and why- Europe, for the scenic beauty that varies so much from country to country, the cultural & architectural differences that abound & the wide variety of cuisine enjoyed.
  • Favorite quote – “The world is a book and those that do not travel read only a page.” Used to have this on display in the office.
  • Fun fact/unique skill- don’t know if it’s a fun fact or unique skill, but I’m very adventurous. I’ve actually loaded up the car & set off on the highway to find a new home in an unknown destination on more than one occasion. The last time we did this(with husband) we had 3 kids in tow. I was also the first student ever from my university to study abroad back in the 70’s before it was a “thing” that many college kids do now.
  • Spirit animal- maybe a whale because they too like to travel long distances
  • Hometown and something cool/different about it- Newington, CT, home to Mill Pond Falls, the smallest waterfall in the US