Michele Matcham
June 8, 2020

So many wonderful places I have been but I would say New Zealand hits high on my list. The natural beauty of the country and the kind hearts of its people. Also doesn’t hurt that they have NO deadly animals like Australia.

Apparently I am a Wolf- Instinct, intelligence and an appetite for freedom. Who knew?

Fayetteville NC- so many fun facts. Putt Putt was invented in FAY- Julianne Moore is from FAY- Her dad was military and she was born on Ft. Bragg. FAY is named the All American City and is home to the 82nd Airborne division. The old Air Force base, Pope, once held Blimps and has the old Blimp pads..
I went skydiving for the first time a few years ago with my client that was 89 years old. It was her third time. AAA National found out about it and flew in a journalist and a photographer and rented out the Moore County airport to do a photoshoot on our connection and story. It was published nationwide in every AAA magazine.