Tina Woolbright
June 8, 2020

  • Favorite place to travel and why: Europe! I love the people, food and history of all the countries of Europe
  • Favorite quote “ A Life Well Lived” I remember when Barbara Bush died, I kept hearing this over and over and I said to myself, I hope I can do things in my life so MY life is well lived!
  • Fun fact/unique skill: My 5 year old grandson Aksel says I make THE best peanut butter and jelly sandwich, my secret recipe: white bread, Jif peanut butter and Smuckers jelly.
  • Spirit animal Gosh, I don’t think I have one of these:(
  • Hometown and something cool/different about it: I lived most of my adult life in Rockford IL and the band Cheap Trick is from Rockford. The young people will probably have to Google them, but they were a big deal in the 70’s and 80’s. I got to meet Robin Zander, Bun E. Carlos and Rick Nielsen. They all played at one time or another with my husband’s local band, and we would frequently see them out and about in the local bar scene.