A Vacation Travel Success Story
June 17, 2020

“I wanted to write and thank you so much for planning a PERFECT trip! Everything was flawless, from the flights, transfers, excursions, and accommodations. The Elea Resort was phenomenal. There are only 18 rooms and the service is amazing. I would highly recommend this resort to everyone! We had the very best room, with a huge patio with a cabana pointed directly at the sunset, chaises, and a private, heated pool. A huge breakfast was delivered every morning and reception helped us make reservations for most of our dinners and those restaurants were fantastic. The private tour was great as well. He took us to all of the points of the island strategically, and we avoided the crowds. We could then figure out where we wanted to go for the rest of our stay. He informed us of the best times and transportation to get to each destination.

I wish I could send you all of the wonderful pictures, but I’ll just send you the most special one. In the middle of our trip, we took a catamaran cruise and left some of Jack’s father’s ashes in the Aegean Sea, quite an emotional and memorable experience. That same night, he proposed to me at dinner at sunset on the Ammoudi Bay, another emotional and memorable experience. I will never forget this trip.

We will definitely be utilizing your services again! Thank you!”