Travel and Coronavirus: A Message from Maupin Travel
March 12, 2020

Note: The Coronavirus situation changes daily. The information in this post is accurate at the time of publishing, but for the most updated information, please contact your travel advisor. 

Coronavirus is causing a lot of travel worry and headaches. Every day, we hear more headlines about airlines canceling flights, travel bans, nursing homes quarantined, conferences canceled, and people working from home. As your travel advisors, we know you are worried about your family and your business team. 

We are monitoring the situation closely because like you, we want to keep our families and colleagues safe. Like you, we’ve had to reconsider or cancel planned trips for spring. While no one truly knows what to expect in the coming months, here is what we do know: 

Q: Should I fly/travel in March/April/May? Can I? 

A: While some areas of the U.S. are under states of emergency, this has not led to restricted domestic travel (as of this writing). Also as of this posting, travel to Europe has been banned for 30 days. The CDC recommends avoiding nonessential travel to China, Iran, South Korea, and Italy. The CDC also recommends people with underlying health issues avoid cruise ships.  

Aside from that, whether you fly or travel this spring is up to you; it’s a personal decision based on the reason for travel and where you’re going. In many cases, the best option is to wait until closer to the time of travel to see how things are going. Keep in mind that some theme parks and other destinations are starting to close, so check with your Advisor before you go. 

Q: Will I incur a fee if I change flights or cancel? 

A: Cruise ships are implementing flexible rebooking policies. If you wish to make a flight or trip cancellation, our Advisors can determine if the ticket is refundable or nonrefundable. Many airlines and suppliers are loosening their change or cancellation policies during this fluid situation. However, the majority of tickets purchased are nonrefundable and most carriers are not offering refunds for those purchases. We can help guide you to understand any waivers or penalties should you wish to make a change. Please note that making a change may take some time; the airlines are receiving a very high call volume. 

Q: Will my travel insurance cover my cancellation? 

A: Some travel insurance allows you to cancel for any reason. However, many policies do not allow for cancellations in this type of situation. You can check your insurance policy details or speak with your advisor about the specifics.  

Q: Can I still buy travel insurance? 

A: If your trip has been paid in full, a “cancel for any reason” policy is no longer an option for you. If you are interested in insurance for medical coverage or other reasons, you may be able to buy it. Please reach out to your Advisor for more specific information on what coverage is available or that you may already have purchased. 

Q: What will happen if I travel and fly back into the U.S.? Will I be quarantined? 

A: Maybe. The situation changes daily. If the outbreak spreads to the place you are visiting, you might be required by the U.S. (or even by your employer) to remain quarantined for a period. 

Q: Can I book travel for summer?
A: Yes. A lot of people (including us!) are hoping this storm passes soon. We are happy to help you book a future trip; we think we are all going to need it! 

Wishing You a Safe Spring Season

Maupin Travel is a family owned business, and your safety is our biggest concern. Each vacation, client, and destination is unique, so don’t hesitate to reach out to your Travel Advisor for help with your questions.  

The CDC has useful information about travel here. The World Health Organization has information here

We appreciate you trusting us with your travel plans and we look forward to helping you navigate these unchartered waters.